Dispute Resolution

Are You Struggling To Be Heard? Is There A Better Way To Get To ‘Yes’?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a useful way of supporting communication between two parties. The aim is to establish an agreed outcome between the parties, whether it be at work or in more personal circumstances.


Mediation, a form of ADR, is a confidential process in which a neutral party (the mediator) guides the ‘parties to the dispute’ through a communication process. This guidance is fulfilled with varying degrees of formality and structured by agreement of the parties.


Negotiation, another form of ADR, may be provided through a neutral party (the negotiator) by choice of the disputing parties, to achieve an outcome or solution that is acceptable to both parties.


Advocacy is also available through ReflectNZ services, providing independent support to a party in the process of dispute resolution.

The facilitation of dispute resolution through mediation or negotiation will assist in effectively managing an impasse in a situation between parties, to enable an essential ongoing relationship. Only the final agreement is recorded and kept, and the event is confidential to the parties, unless agreed otherwise.

An impasse between parties can be transformed by alternative dispute resolution.

Our Process:

Initial contact to discuss needs, establish terms and arrange meeting.

Meeting with parties as agreed.

Completion of mediation meeting.

Signing of documented agreement.

The workshop was awesome. The Boys got straight onto the maintenance of the bottle jacks after the meeting and they made a content list of all tools in the work trucks. Really looking forward to implementing our systems. We have a great crew and want to ensure they come home to their family’s each night. Thank you for your help with that.

Kat Cox

Managing Director. www.totalrepile.co.nz

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