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Health And Safety Northland Provides A Variety Of Health And Safety Training Workshops.

Do You Know What Your Workers Can Contribute?

Your organisation has some significant, immediately available resources. Workers can contribute to the practice of continuous improvement, enhancing productivity, while the organisation plays a significant role in developing their personal skills and wellbeing.

Our willingness to entrust our workers with their part in the growth and development of our workplace leads us to engage them in ways that reach into their knowledge and experience, giving them the opportunity and mandate to participate, develop and contribute.

Onsite interactive health and safety training workshops that help workers understand the part they can play, gives them tools to work with and can be transformative for the whole team.

What Is The Process For Onsite Health And Safety Training Workshops?

The health and safety training workshop process is usually around 2 hours for optimal attention/participation, and will focus the team on what they can do to help develop and maintain a safe and productive environment. Value is placed on awareness and consideration of the needs of others in the team, particularly new workers.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be developed for ongoing training needs for the organisation. Hazards, risks and controls can be reviewed and updated. We can discuss whatever you feel would work for your workplace and plan a health and safety training workshop to meet your needs and to provide opportunities for your workers to contribute.

About Your Health And Safety Training Workshop Course Provider:

Health and Safety Northland’s HASANZ-Registered Health and Safety Consultant Shona Kelly works with teams to both provide information to guide the team into a sound understanding of the way they can support the legal health and safety obligations of the workplace and contribute to ongoing improvement and wellbeing.

As an Occupational Health Nurse, Shona can also assist with setting up safe work environments such as workstations, ensuring an appropriate ergonomics approach, teaching workers how they can be responsible for their part in identifying risks in their work practice and environment.

Why Onsite Interactive Health And Safety Training Workshops?​

Interactive health and safety training workshops are provided both for new employees and/or to re-induct workers over time. Health and safety training workshops can be a valuable way to keep everyone up to date with the protocols and values of the organisation. The onsite opportunity to engage in these updates helps to bring the team together to support the goals of the organisation, with minimal disruption of the work. Being onsite also allows the environment to become part of the evaluation and development process.

This kind of interactive health and safety training workshop activity can lead your workers toward a new way of seeing their role in the organisation. If you value opportunities to enhance workers’ sense of wellbeing and give the organisation another strong foundation based in team activity, contact Shona to discuss the kind of onsite health and safety training workshop you would like to set up for your team.

This Is What One Of Our Clients Had To Say After The May 2021 Health And Safety Training Workshops Provided To Their Organisations:

We engaged Shona Kelly from Health and Safety Northland to assess and help us develop Health and Safety systems for both our brewery and restaurant.

Shona’s depth of knowledge and expertise resulted in a thorough assessment of hazards and risks in both workplaces. From there, Shona conducted workshops

to enable staff in each area to understand the legislation and compile the relevant documentation and SOPs.

Shona’s systems and templates, plus her ability to present information in a clear and engaging format, have equipped us with the systems to use and

continually improve our workplace health and safety training and practises.

We now feel confident that we are doing all we can to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe and would recommend Shona to anyone requiring expert guidance with their Health and Safety systems.

If you have an idea that there is something incomplete that could be improved for your practical Health and Safety management, contact us to see how we can assist your organisation with a Health and Safety Training Workshop designed to meet your needs.

The workshop was awesome. The Boys got straight onto the maintenance of the bottle jacks after the meeting and they made a content list of all tools in the work trucks. Really looking forward to implementing our systems. We have a great crew and want to ensure they come home to their family’s each night. Thank you for your help with that.

Kat Cox

Managing Director.

Contact Us To See How We Can Assist Your Organisation With A Health And Safety Training Workshop Designed To Meet Your Needs.

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