Workplace Health And Safety Resources

Health and Safety Northland offers you web links to some government publications and workplace health and safety resources.

Just click on (or copy and paste in your browser) any title below. This will take you to the identified topic. From there you can access not only the identified information, but also move to other parts of the web site (such as WorkSafe NZ) for further information and resources.

You can also sign up for WorkSafe NZ email updates on topics that apply to your industry and workplace.

You may be eligible for funding support for the NZTE training programmes offered by ReflectNZ, so contact Northland Inc, or your regional business partner (RBP) for more information.

WorkSafe NZ

If you don’t have an emergency management plan for your workplace, there are guidance notes on the WorkSafe NZ website.

Notifiable Event

‘Event Notification’ is a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. To find out the details of what must be notified use the following link. There are 3 separate forms depending on the Event.

Risk Management Plan

To ensure that bullying does not create harm in your workplace, a risk management plan ensures there is more than one pathway to support. Here is some guidance to help prevent bullying in the workplace.

Employment Relations Act

The Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 both provide guidance on the required processes to ensure workers remain unharmed and are treated equitably.

HASANZ Register

The HASANZ Register provides information on the health and safety consultants who have met the approved standard for Registration. The Crown Agency, Worksafe NZ, recommends the use of the Register when you are seeking reliable health and safety guidance.


SafePlus Accredited Assessors can be found through this link on the WorkSafe NZ website. Only Accredited Assessors can undertake a SafePlus Assessment for your workplace.


The Safe365 app is an inhouse communications system, allowing instant recording and reporting for accidents/incidents, toolbox meetings and other important messages. The app can provide safe work practice information for workers, on their phone.

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