Executive and Organisational Coaching

Are You Looking For A New Way Of Achieving Great Outcomes In Your Workplace Or Other Relationships?

Executive and organisational coaching is a powerful form of leadership development.

Your personalised coaching programme is supported by your coach through active listening and reflection. Together we identify the steps you choose to achieve your goals.

Progress is reviewed throughout each of the coaching sessions, and awareness of patterns and expectations will become stepping stones in a mindful process of developing your skills and insights.

Our aim is to help you find your own answers.

You may be eligible for funding support for the NZTE training programmes offered by ReflectNZ.


Coaching is a process through which the client or ‘coachee’ is supported to explore, develop and take action on personal and organisational goals and aspirations.

The process, facilitated by the coach, involves active listening and reflecting skills and direct communication within an ethical, confidential relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

The coachee, through this process, gains greater self-awareness, allowing powerful transformative action.

Organisations will enjoy a more productive work environment when coaching is offered as a regular or occasional practice supporting executives, managers and other workers.

Our Process:

Initial conversation to establish framework.

Signing of coaching agreement terms.

Establishment of goals.

Coaching by phone or in person; location, frequency and duration as agreed.

Completion session and evaluation.

The workshop was awesome. The Boys got straight onto the maintenance of the bottle jacks after the meeting and they made a content list of all tools in the work trucks. Really looking forward to implementing our systems. We have a great crew and want to ensure they come home to their family’s each night. Thank you for your help with that.

Kat Cox

Managing Director. www.totalrepile.co.nz

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