SafePlus Assessments – How They Can Benefit your Organisation

Safety is a crucial and universal element to doing business in New Zealand. Workplace injuries and fatalities are costly and can leave many individuals, families and business owners devastated in its wake. The emotional turmoil it inflicts is a huge price to pay considering such incidents are generally preventable.

Do you know what ‘good health and safety parameters’ in your workplace looks like? Is there an Accredited SafePlus Assessor in Whangarei near you?

Can you afford a fine that could be as much as $500,000, for breaking health and safety requirements?

A SafePlus Assessment by a HASANZ-Registered Accredited SafePlus Assessor can help you identify current site hazards and performance risks so you can make the necessary improvements in safety.

SafePlus assessments are about taking away tasks from your to-do list as a business owner and instead giving you a meaningful action plan to follow to keep your business and staff safe.

What is SafePlus?

SafePlus is a health and safety initiative by WorkSafe New Zealand, the ACC and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) intended to support companies to rise above the minimum legal compliance and to recognise their efforts to establish a culture of safety. SafePlus is a practical and accessible toolkit for businesses to improve overall safety performance.

SafePlus is, simply put, a performance improvement initiative. It is not the traditional audit type of product. It is designed for all sectors and ensures you as a business owner are:

  • Keeping your staff safe
  • Protecting your business from unnecessary fines

Online Tool & SafePlus Assessment

Part of the NZ government’s commitment to safety, SafePlus is available as an online assessment tool.

Whilst the Online Tool & Assessment can help you identify gaps in your work processes, and what needs to be improved from a health and safety perspective, it requires the business to manage the process throughout.

If you are a medium to larger sized business, you may be better considering an on-site advisory service from an Accredited SafePlus Assessor. Shona Kelly from Health and Safety Northland is an Accredited SafePlus assessor with decades of experience working across all industries.

You will receive a detailed SafePlus Assessment that evaluates your current safety performance, strengths and weaknesses, and provides clear recommendations for improvement.

Take the guess work out of Health and Safety though utilising the skills of an accredited assessor who knows what to look for, and the steps you can undertake to ensure your business remains operational with a positive, business friendly approach to reducing workplace accidents.

What does a SafePlus Assessor Do?

Certified by WorkSafe, Whangarei- based Accredited SafePlus Assessor Shona Kelly is capable and meticulous in implementing quality SafePlus assessments. Your Whangarei or Northland business will be measured and compared to the current SafePlus framework and requirements. This is to gauge how well your business is performing.

An Accredited SafePlus Assessor can help you tackle these challenges and integrate best practice solutions.

Benefits of a SafePlus Assessor

There are many advantages to having an Accredited Whangarei SafePlus Assessor by your side to:

  • Prioritise health and safety.
  • Reduce the big 3 risks- illnesses, accidents, and fatalities.
  • Get independent, critical, and credible advice that’s specific to your needs.
  • Gain deep insight on into your current safety performance metrics.
  • Handle your risk management well.
  • Improve worker engagement.
  • Making changes might seem difficult before securing the skills of an Accredited SafePlus Assessor – How do you take that first step to keeping your business resilient and operational?

Through her assessment skills, Shona can help you objectively evaluate your work process, and help you know what actions are required, pinpointing safety issues that you’d normally not notice or advising safe solutions to large, potentially complex problems.

This can lift your confidence as a business owner, knowing that your business is on the right track, ensuring the health and safety of everyone in the business.

Concerned about employee buy-in? By working with an independent assessor, you can reassure even the most cynical team members that management is serious and committed to addressing the health and safety risks present in the workplace.

An Accredited SafePlus Assessor based near Whangarei, in Northland, can let you know the underlying reasons why and how to improve your processes, greatly improving your productivity and safety goals.

Improved health and safety can also reduce costs in the long run. It can increase the company’s productivity and make sure that everyone enjoys a thriving workplace.

Implications of Not Having a SafePlus Assessor

Not having the guidance of a SafePlus Assessor can leave you blind to trouble spots. Shona, as a qualified Health and Safety professional can help you understand the site-specific problems you have and the steps necessary to operate your business safely.

In New Zealand, the social and economic costs of deaths and injuries in the workplace is $3.5 billion every year. This alone makes it critical that businesses and organisations to review their current health and safety systems.

Ready to Work with Northland’s Accredited SafePlus Assessor?

Get tailored recommendations today through a SafePlus assessment! Talk to us about your safety performance concerns. It can’t be said enough that having a SafePlus assessment improves confidence in your Whangarei or Northland business.

Call us or email to inquire.

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